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Catalyst Prototypes, 34A East Hill, Kent, London, DA11RZ



The Vibonyx Smart Devices consist of one smart watch and one smart bracelet, that are worn simultaneously during the day. The smart watch tracks stress levels during the day using a heart rate sensor and when users become unnerved or stressed, the devices launch a feature known as bilateral stimulation.


Bilateral stimulation is a psychotherapy technique used globally by psychotherapy practitioners to help clients with anxiety related conditions, to overcome stress in day to day living. These smart devices use tactile bilateral stimulation ( as there are 3 types; tactile, sound and visual) through coin vibrating motors that are embedded in the wrist straps of the watch, to give the user the full sensation of the vibrations. 

The sole purpose of the product is to relieve stress in users throughout the day, so when it reaches bedtime users can achieve better quality AND quantity of sleep. It can also benefit general mental and physical health, reducing other health defects that are caused by high stress levels (i.e high blood pressure, developing stomach ulcers etc) 

The product has a built in heart-rate sensor that will detect when the heart rate has gone above a specific threshold and will then notify the user that they are becoming stressed. The bilateral stimulation feature will then be activated once that threshold has been reach/passed. Once its has started the straps on the device will begin to alternatively vibrate.

The Bilateral Stimulation GUI allows the user to input how long the vibrations will last and how fast they go, to match the users preference, which would have been determined in CBT/EMDR therapy