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Shade Cap

The Shade Cap is an attachment that helps to shade the lens of levelling equipment in bright and sunny conditions, when the leveller is in a position of direct sunlight and also it protects the lens from rain and debris.

It has to notches that allow a moderate amount of ambient light to enter the lens, too ensure vision is not too dim.

The shade cap consists of two parts: the top cap and bottom connector. The bottom connector fits onto the cap that surrounds a levellers lens, whereas the top cap can be moved up and down to 'tune' the shading.

The Optics Plus Set are a collection of attachments that help land surveyors carry out important measurements with levelling tools, in conditions that may affect accurate results. As land surveying is a process that is usually on tight schedules in construction plans, when there is bad weather conditions or bad environmental factors surveyors must imperatively continue measurements.

The set consists of three attachments: a shade cap, tint cap and a deconsendator. These attachments insure that vision through the lens of the leveller is clear in order to record accurate measurements, in conditions that can make it difficult to do this.