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3D Printing is an additive process where a 3D object is created through the compiling of layers. The process has come a long way to where an extensive amount of materials with different colours and finishes can be used to match the application. The printed object produced here have gone on to make silicon moulds, develop functional prototypes, used as impressive accessories and many other applications.

Here at Catalyst Prototypes, we take pride in advising the client on the most appropriate material and technology to deliver the best outcome. If you have an idea in mind where you believe 3D printing would be a viable and beneficial solution to achieving your goal, contact us to discuss the project; we are always keen on using rapid prototyping in new and unique ways!


How is 3D Printing Useful?

One-off prints

We often receive one-off prints that are often required by students, hobbyist, cosplay costumes and many other applications. Most of these prints go on to be spray painted or have other finishes applied to them which require high resolution prints to achieve an astonishing aesthetic look, which proudly we are capable of producing! Check out our gallery to see some of the amazing prints we have done.


Rapid prototyping is a resourceful way of testing out new designs and mechanisms during the development stages of a product. With our range of materials we are capable of producing 3D printed prototypes that exhibit product functionality, ergonomics and aesthetic looks, which helps the designer ensure the final design is in its best form before taking it to manufacture.

Low Volume Batch Production

Rapid prototyping offers an alternative to manufacturing without having to pay thousands in tooling, but still delivering in the same functionality and viability as an injection moulded part. A lot of parts such as accessories, toys, electronic housings have been manufactured with the use of 3D printing; which is a perfect way for startups to bring a product to market! Contact us if you have a product you seek to be batch manufactured. 


What Technologies Do We Use?

Fused-Deposition Modelling

This is a very common 3D printing technology that uses general plastics that have been manufactured into reels of filament. The reels of filament are then used by our machines to gradually build a model layer by layer. With this technology you can prototype models in a range of materials, ones that acquire the mechanical properties and characteristics that match the sole function and purpose of your prototype. In addition to this, materials are available in a wide number of colours and finishes. With this process object of large size are printable; our machines have a maximum build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 400mm. This process is commonly used in low volume batch production which is credit to the fast speeds the machines can print at and also due to the array of plastic that can be printed; which include PLA, Polypropylene, PETG, TPU and many others.

Direct Light Processing

This technology uses ultra violet light to cure (solidify) photopolymer resin layer by layer to fabricate a 3D model. Although limited in build volume when compared FDM printing, this process is capable of high resolution prints; resolutions of up to 50 microns! This is extremely beneficial for parts that have intricate and fine details that need to be fabricated with clarity. Often this process is used for figurines, complex electronic housing, small fixtures and other objects of such nature; often these prints can mimic injection moulded parts. This process is also commonly used in jewellery, with master models being printed in resin and those models being used to make casting moulds to cast precious metals.

Our 3D Printing Service Process?


Already have a .STL file?

Head over to our Contact Page to upload your file, where you can also add a details on the print such as the material, colour, resolution etc.

We will then e-mail you a quotation that includes the cost breakdown, postage cost and lead times.

Once the quote has been confirmed by you we will send you an invoice. Once paid production can be started.

We will then begin production of the prints and keep you updated with pictures and time completion.

Once your order has finished printing we will package it and post it to you, also providing the tracking number

have an idea and would like to discuss how we could help? Let us know on your project below...

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