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Catalyst Prototypes, 34A East Hill, Kent, London, DA11RZ



Our CAD expertise fall into 3 categories. Choose the service you require

Batch Production

You have a part that requires further CAD development or modifications

If you already have a simple part that may need needs quick re-drafting or modifications before getting it batch produced, we can help in quickly developing a printable file and ensure it will fabricated to the best quality possible.

You have an idea and need an expert to develop the concept

When you have an ingenious idea you need the right people who will successfully develop your idea from concept to product. Here at Catalyst Prototypes we have great expertise in the product design process and will focus our time on achieving the best design

Reverse Engineering

Have an existing physical part that  needs tinkering?

Products are constantly improving and will always need revisions to keep up with the competition - we have taken apart, analysed and remodelled countless mechanisms, fixtures, parts and products to develop a new an improved version.

CAD Development Process 

Contact Us

Firstly get in contact and give us as much information as you can about your project and the part model you would like designed. It could be a concept sketch or a complex sketch model you have constructed. Ideally it would include some information regarding the of overall size, level of detail, complexity of geometry, tolerances, budget, timescale and end use.


Once we understand the extent of the project and what deliverable items are needed, we will provide you with a quote for the work involved. A estimated turnaround time we also be provided.


We will then begin development of the CAD model, we may contact you during this stage for confirmation on certain aspects of the project and for updates on the development of you model.


When your model as finished being developed we will notify you and email you a link to a shared folder that will include the deliverable items of the project.

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